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How it Works
Prompt Me Nina is quick and easy to use. Follow the instructions below to get started.
1. Copy and paste the URL of the login page from your browser into the app, or if you know the URL, type it in.
2. Fill in your username and password prompts.
3. Click save and that's it, you're ready to go!
4. To get a prompt, simply click on the prompt button in your notifications bar when on a login page.
1. In the Prompt Me Nina app click add prompt
2. Fill in the username and password prompts
3. You can also upload a hint image to help remind you
4. Click save and you're ready to go!
5. To make the prompts automatically appear, tick the automatic box in settings
6. When browsing online, you can add prompts for new websites by clicking the Prompt Me Nina icon in your toolbar.

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