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Frequently Asked Questions
These questions & answers have been put together to help answer the most common Prompt me nina problems:
Prompt Me Nina says "not found"

-If the URL is entered incorrectly, the prompt will not work and say, "Not found". Re-enter the correct URL and the prompt should then work.

Why won't prompt Me Nina let me store more than five prompts?

- Prompt Me Nina is free to use for up to 5 prompts. After this you can buy the unlimited version.

I have set a prompt for a specific URL, but nothing happens when I hit the Prompt me Nina button?

-Prompt me Nina Notifications only work on the Androids native browser. It will not work if you browse the internet on a custom browser application.
-In windows, the browser may not be set to the right one. To change this, go to settings and select the correct browser.

What if I have more than one account for the same website?

- For windows, you can set more than one prompt for each website. Just click and add another prompt using the same URL!